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Question 1: In one modification both steps are rolled into one by carrying out the reaction in ________.
EthanolHydrogen peroxideAcetic acidOxygen

Question 2: The compound's structure is based on the indole structure but in which a second ________ ring is fused onto the five-membered ring at the 2-3 position of indole (equivalent to the 4a-9a double bond in carbazole).

Question 3: The second step is a ________ catalyzed rearrangement reaction and ring-closing reaction to tetrahydrocarbazole.
Hydrogen chlorideEthanolHydrochloric acidSulfuric acid

Question 4: Carbazole is an ________ heterocyclic organic compound.
Conjugated systemCovalent bondAromaticityChemical bond

Question 5: It has a tricyclic structure, consisting of two six-membered ________ ring fused on either side of a five-membered nitrogen-containing ring.


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