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Carbapenem: Quiz


Question 1: They have a structure that renders them highly resistant to ________.
AztreonamBeta-lactamaseBeta-lactam antibioticAntibiotic

Question 2: These agents have the broadest antibacterial spectrum compared to other beta-lactam classes such as penicillins and ________.
Beta-lactam antibioticFlucloxacillinVancomycinCephalosporin

Question 3: Carbapenems are a class of ________ with a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity.
CefotaximeBeta-lactam antibioticPenicillinCephalosporin

Question 4: Carbapenem antibiotics were originally developed from ________, a naturally-derived product of Streptomyces cattleya.
S-Adenosyl methionineBeta-lactamaseAdenosine triphosphateThienamycin

Question 5: They are active against both Gram positive, gram negative bacteria, and anaerobes, with the exception of intracellular bacteria (atypicals), such as the ________.


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