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Carantania: Quiz


Question 1: ________ mentions as Sclauvinia, Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) mentions Carantania as Chiarentana.
Chronicle of FredegarFranciaRoman EmpireCharlemagne

Question 2: Subsequently, in the last decades of the ________, Slavs settled in the depopulated territory with the help of their Avar overlords.
6th century7th century5th century11th century

Question 3: 1275–1348), and Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–1375), who wrote that the Brenta River rises from the mountains of Carantania, a land in the ________ dividing Italy from Germany.
AlpsHimalayasJura MountainsGeography

Question 4: The same name was also used by Florentines, such as the poet Fazio degli Uberti (circa 1309–1367), the famous chronicler ________ (c.
Italian RenaissanceGiovanni VillaniNuova CronicaFlorence

Question 5: In 887 ________ (850-899), a bastard grandson of Louis the German, assumed his title of King of the East Franks and became the first Duke of Carinthia.
Arnulf of CarinthiaCharles the FatHenry IV, Holy Roman EmperorHenry III, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 6: The year 626 brought an end to Avar dominance over Slavs, as Avars were defeated at ________[5].
Byzantine EmpireByzantine navyConstantinopleHagia Sophia

Question 7: After Avar rule weakened around 610, a relatively independent March of the Slavs (marca Vinedorum), governed by a ________, emerged in southern Carinthia in the early 7th century.

Question 8: It was (at least by name) the predecessor of the later ________.
Duchy of CarniolaSloveniaTimeline of Slovenian historyKingdom of Illyria

Question 9: From 8th century onwards Alpine Slavic underwent a series of gradual changes and innovations which were characteristic of ________.
South Slavic languagesSerbo-Croatian languageCroatian languageSerbian language

Question 10: By roughly ________ these developments gave rise to the Slovene language[6].
14th century12th century13th century11th century

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