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Capybara: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the subfamilia of Capybara?

Question 2:
What family does Capybara belong to?

Question 3:
What phylum does Capybara belong to?

Question 4:
What kind of animal is a Capybara?

Question 5:
What is Capybara's current status?
Munro Top

Question 6:
What is the genus authority of Capybara?
Polz, 2007
Meyrick, 1920
Brisson, 1762
Hu00FCbner, 1825

Question 7: Capybaras reach sexual maturity within 22 months[15] and breed when conditions are perfect, which can be once per year (such as in ________) or throughout the year (such as in Venezuela and Colombia).
MozambiqueBrazilPortugalEast Timor

Question 8: [8] When fully grown, a capybara will have coarse hair that is sparsely spread over their skin, making the capybara prone to ________.

Question 9: Capybaras are excellent swimmers and can survive completely underwater for up to five minutes,[11] an ability they will use to evade ________.
CarnivoreHerbivoreApex predatorPredation

Question 10: [9] Its ________, derived from Kapiÿva in the Guarani language,[6] means "master of the grasses"[10] while its scientific name, hydrochaeris, is Greek for "water hog".
Biological classificationCommon nameNomenclatureGenus

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