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Captain Cold: Quiz


Question 1: ________'s list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains Of All Time List ranked Captain Cold as #27.

Question 2: But after Barry Allen's death, during the ________, Captain Cold became a bounty hunter with his sister Lisa, the Golden Glider.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year LaterFinal CrisisInfinite Crisis

Question 3: Captain Cold and ________ are mentioned in "The Golden Age Of Justice" episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Mirror MasterGorilla GroddGardner FoxFlash (Barry Allen)

Question 4: A white ________ instead of the traditional yellow
Handgun holsterShooting sportsPolice duty beltHunting

Question 5: Snart read an article that theorized that the energy emissions of a ________ could interfere with the Flash's speed.
SynchrotronMicrowaveCyclotronParticle accelerator

Question 6: His favorite baseball team is the ________.
Chicago Cubs franchise historyPeoria ChiefsChicago Cubs all-time rosterChicago Cubs

Question 7: One Year Later, he and several other Rogues are approached by Inertia with a plan to kill the Flash (then ________).
Wally WestFlash (comics)Flash (Barry Allen)Bart Allen

Question 8: including ________ and the Secret Society of Super Villains.
Barbara GordonJoker (comics)CatwomanBatman

Question 9: His skill and experience have made him a strong leader to the likes of the Weather Wizard, the new Trickster, the new ________, and the new Captain Boomerang.
Gorilla GroddFlash (Barry Allen)Captain ColdMirror Master

Question 10: This turned out to be false, however, as the new Boomerang's mother has been revealed to be Meloni Thawne, who is also the mother of ________.
Bart AllenFlash (Barry Allen)Flash (comics)Wally West


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