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Captain Britain: Quiz


Question 1: This results in Brian becoming active as Captain Britain again and the formation of a new Excalibur, along with Peter Wisdom, Sage, Juggernaut, ________ and Nocturne.
DazzlerIceman (comics)Forge (comics)Nightcrawler (comics)

Question 2:
Who created Captain Britain?

Question 3: However, Captain Britain is forced to come back to Earth to stop the ________ reality-shift from destroying all dimensions.
The New Avengers (comics)Civil War (comics)House of MStan Lee

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Captain Britain have?
Mr. Chevy Celebrity
Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
Jeolla Province
Captain Britain

Question 5:
When did Captain Britain make his debut?
Spider-Man Weekly #607,
Captain Britain Weekly #1
Action Comics Weekly #636
Captain Britain Weekly #19

Question 6:
What was Captain Britain allied to?

Question 7:
What type is thing is Captain Britain?
Off-Off Broadway
Box set

Question 8: As described by writer ________ in the Uncanny X-Men House of M story line, the two are in fact immune to each other's powers because of their genetic connection.
PsylockeChris ClaremontJean GreyJohn Byrne

Question 9:
What powers does Captain Britain have?
Concussive energy blasts and force fields via Stellar Rod
Force field generation
Superhuman strength Force fields Flight
Energy blasts, force field, energy cages, flight.

Question 10: By a strange twist of fate, he rooms with Peter Parker (the hero Spider-Man) at ________.
John ByrneStan LeeEmpire State UniversityMan-Thing

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