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Question 1: SS Eastland, 1915, excursion boat, 845 dead, greatest loss of life on the ________.
James BayOntarioGreat LakesArctic Ocean

Question 2: ________ are designed to be self righting if capsized but most other motorboats are not.
Tyne class lifeboatTamar class lifeboatLifeboat (rescue)Severn class lifeboat

Question 3: The intermediate sailor is encouraged to capsize their ________ in a safe location with supervision at least once to become acquainted with their boat's floating properties and the capsize process.
DinghyWindsurfingPunt (boat)Yacht

Question 4: A capsized ________ may be righted with a roll or eskimo rescue.
Sea kayakWhitewater kayakingKayakCanoe

Question 5: M.V. Rocknes, 19 January 2004, Dutch rock discharge vessel, capsized south of ________, killing 18 of 30 crew.

Question 6: Righting a ________ that is lying on its side involves using a righting line fed over the upper hull.

Question 7: In competitive ________, a capsized boat has certain special rights as it cannot maneuver.
SailingYachtingCatalina YachtsYacht racing

Question 8: This is normally catastrophic for larger ships, and smaller yachts can be dismasted (i.e., lose their masts and rigging) due to the drag as the ________ is forced to roll over.
Hull (watercraft)BoatCanoeTraditional fishing boats

Question 9: Szent István, 1918, Austro-Hungarian capital warship, ________, 89 dead.
TorpedoNaval mineBattleshipSubmarine

Question 10: Among ship types, the ________ is more prone to capsize due to having large open car decks near to the waterline.


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