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Question 1: The icosahedral shape, which has 20 equilateral triangular faces, approximates a ________, while the helical shape is cylindrical.

Question 2: Through this portal, viral ________ or RNA is transported into the capsid.

Question 3: During this process, new capsid subunits are synthesized according to the genetic material of the virus, using the ________ mechanism of the cell.
Amino acidPosttranslational modificationUbiquitinProtein biosynthesis

Question 4: The capsid encloses the ________ of the virus.

Question 5: For example, the ________ virus capsid has faces consisting of three proteins named VP1-3.
AIDSSmallpoxInfluenzaFoot-and-mouth disease

Question 6: It consists of several oligomeric structural subunits made of ________ called protomers.

Question 7: The majority of viruses have capsids with either helical or ________ structure.

Question 8: Some viruses, such as ________, have developed more complicated structures.
CystovirusRNA virusBacteriaBacteriophage

Question 9: [4] The structure and assembly of the ________ virus capsid portal protein has been imaged via cryo-electron microscopy.
Molluscum contagiosumHerpes simplexHerpes zosterChickenpox


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