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Caprolactam: Quiz


Question 1: Caprolactam is the precursor to Nylon 6, a widely used synthetic ________.
PolymerPlasticPolyethylenePolymer chemistry

Question 2: This salt is neutralized with ________ to release the free lactam and cogenerate ammonium sulfate.

Question 3: Nylon-6 is widely used in fibers and ________.
PolycarbonatePolystyrenePolyvinyl chloridePlastic

Question 4: This colourless solid, which is a lactam or a cyclic ________ of caproic acid.

Question 5: Caprolactam is an ________ with the formula (CH2)5C(O)NH.
Organic chemistryOrganic compoundCarbonBiochemistry

Question 6: Caprolactam is an irritant and is mildly toxic, with an ________ of 1.1 g/kg (rat, oral).
Biological half-lifePharmacologyPsychopharmacologyMedian lethal dose


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