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Capital punishment by the United States federal government: Quiz


Question 1: Since 1865 (________) only one person has been executed for a purely military offense.
TennesseeBleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarUnited States

Question 2: Timothy McVeigh was executed on June 11, 2001 for his involvement in the ________.
VirginiaTerrorism in the United StatesWaco SiegeOklahoma City bombing

Question 3: ________ became the only federal prison to hold and execute people.
SupermaxFederal Correctional Complex, Terre HauteCommunication Management UnitADX Florence

Question 4: Private ________, January 31, 1945, convicted of desertion
Eddie SlovikUnited States ArmyJohn F. KennedyCapital punishment by the United States military

Question 5: Sentences of death are now handed down by the jury, and the jury's decision is read and approved or disapproved by the ________.
JudgeDoctor (title)RabbiProfessor

Question 6: The accused assassin of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald would presumably have been tried for murder by Texas state authorities had he not been killed by ________.
Ruby v. TexasJohn F. Kennedy assassinationJohn F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theoriesJack Ruby

Question 7: Fifty-five people are currently on the federal ________.
Execution chamberCapital punishmentDeath rowDeath row phenomenon

Question 8: All federal executions since 1976 have been by ________.
Lethal injectionCapital punishment in the United StatesTortureCapital punishment

Question 9: The assassin of William McKinley, ________ was tried and executed for murder by New York state authorities.
Emma GoldmanLeon CzolgoszIndividualist anarchismMikhail Bakunin

Question 10: Only after Kennedy's death was it made a federal crime to murder the ________.
Military history of the United StatesPresident of the United StatesUnited States NavyUnited States Marine Corps


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