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Question 1: Capital goods may be acquired with money or ________.
Financial marketCapitalismFinancial capitalCapital (economics)

Question 2: ________ adds a distinction that is often confused with David Ricardo's.
Jeremy BenthamKarl MarxSocialismMarxism

Question 3: Capital budgeting
Financial risk management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Financial Statements
Credit rating agency
Leveraged buyout
AccountancySarbanes–Oxley ActBalance sheetProto-Elamite

Question 4: These distinctions of convenience carried over to ________ with little change in formal analysis for an extended period.
Neoclassical economicsGeorgismMercantilismKeynesian economics

Question 5: ________
List of banks
Federal Reserve SystemBank for International SettlementsCentral bankOpen market operations

Question 6: In finance and ________, capital generally refers to saved-up financial wealth, especially that used to start or maintain a business.
AccountancyProto-ElamiteSarbanes–Oxley ActBalance sheet

Question 7: In ________, capital is one of three (or four, in some formulations) factors of production.
Classical economicsThomas Robert MalthusJohn Stuart MillDavid Ricardo

Question 8: ________ is the value of network trusting relationships between individuals in an economy.
Social capitalPierre BourdieuSociologySocial network

Question 9: For example, investment in skills and education can be viewed as building up ________ or knowledge capital, and investments in intellectual property can be viewed as building up intellectual capital.
Law and economicsEconomyHuman capitalEconomics

Question 10: (The significant exception to this is ________ allowance, which like intermediate goods, is treated as a business expense.)
Amortization (business)Goodwill (accounting)Book valueDepreciation


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