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Capacitance: Quiz


Question 1: the planet ________: about 0.709 mF

Question 2: where εr(ω) is now a ________, with an imaginary part related to absorption of energy from the field by the medium.
Complex planeFunction (mathematics)Complex numberComplex analysis

Question 3: A changing dielectric constant with frequency is referred to as dielectric dispersion, and is governed by dielectric relaxation processes, such as ________.
DielectricMetamaterialMaxwell's equationsPermittivity

Question 4: The energy stored in a capacitance is found by ________ this equation.
Continuous functionDerivativeCalculusIntegral

Question 5: There also exists a property called self-capacitance, which is the amount of electrical charge that must be added to an isolated conductor to raise its ________ by one volt.
Electric potentialLorentz forceMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equations

Question 6: Under transient conditions, the displacement field can be expressed as (see ________):
DielectricElectric displacement fieldPermittivityElectromagnetism

Question 7: The ________ (measured in joules) stored in a capacitor is equal to the work done to charge it.

Question 8: The dielectric constant for a number of very useful dielectrics changes as a function of the applied electrical field, for example ________ materials, so the capacitance for these devices is more complex.
PiezoelectricityPolarization densityGauss's lawFerroelectricity

Question 9: Using this measurement method, the dielectric constant may exhibit a ________ at certain frequencies corresponding to characteristic response frequencies (excitation energies) of contributors to the dielectric constant.
Q factorMechanical resonanceResonatorResonance

Question 10: [11] Alternatively, the time response of the capacitance can be used directly, as in ________.
Band gapSemiconductor deviceSemiconductorDeep-level transient spectroscopy


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