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Cap-Vert: Quiz


Question 1: The peninsula is shaped like a triangle (about 9 miles [15 km] per side), with the base of the triangle roughly along the north and its apex on the south, near ________.

Question 2: Originally called Cabo Verde or "Cape Green" by Portuguese explorers, it is not to be confused with the ________ islands, which are some 560 kilometres (350 mi) further west.
Cape VerdeMozambiqueGuinea-BissauAngola

Question 3: Cap-Vert is a peninsula in Senegal, and the westernmost part of the continent of ________.
Sub-Saharan AfricaAfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican Union

Question 4: ________, the capital of Senegal, is located near the southern tip.

Question 5: Twin volcanic cones, the Deux Mamelles ("Two Teats"), dominate the landscape along the coast northwest of ________.

Question 6: Formed by a combination of volcanic offshore islands and a land bridge produced by coastal currents, it projects into the ________, bending back to the southeast at its tip.
Atlantic OceanPacific OceanArctic OceanIndian Ocean

Question 7: Near Pointe des Almadies, the north-western tip of the cape, lies ________'s international airport, famous as a transatlantic ferrying point during World War II.

Question 8: Cap-Vert is a rocky promontory extending west from the main sandy areas of ________.
Guinea-BissauMozambiqueCôte d'IvoireSenegal

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