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Cantus firmus: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, a cantus firmus ("fixed song") is a pre-existing melody forming the basis of a polyphonic composition.
MusicMusic theoryMusical notationClassical music

Question 2: Over 40 settings are known, including two by ________, and six by an anonymous composer or composers in Naples, which were intended as a cycle.
Josquin des PrezJohannes OckeghemMass (music)Pierre de La Rue

Question 3: The earliest polyphonic compositions almost always involved a cantus firmus, typically a ________, although the term itself was not used until the 14th century.
Catholic ChurchGregorian chantPope Gregory ITransubstantiation

Question 4: Being that this music arose shortly after the ________ in 1453, it is possible that the text "the armed man should be feared" arose from the fear of the Ottoman Turks, who were expanding militarily towards central Europe.
Fall of ConstantinopleByzantine EmpireIstanbulTurkey

Question 5: Using a cantus firmus as a means of teaching ________ was the basis of Gradus ad Parnassum by Johann Joseph Fux, although the method was first published by Girolamo Diruta in 1610.
FugueBaroque musicMusicCounterpoint

Question 6: Composition using a cantus firmus continued to be the norm through the 13th century: almost all of the music of the St. Martial and Notre Dame schools uses a cantus firmus, as well as most 13th century ________.
Medieval musicChansonMadrigal (music)Motet


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