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Question 1: Several autonomous regions of the ________ were subdivided into cantons before 1941
Joseph StalinSoviet UnionEast GermanyRussia

Question 2: Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina: a subdivision of the ________
Brčko DistrictRepublika SrpskaFederation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaDubica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Question 3: ________: each a semi-sovereign state within Switzerland
BaselSt. GallenBernCantons of Switzerland

Question 4: In 1873, "Cantonalists" took over the city of ________, a haven for the Spanish Navy, and declared the city independent
MurciaCartagena, SpainFuente Álamo de MurciaSan Pedro del Pinatar, Spain

Question 5: Canada: ________ equivalent for the English word "township", since the translation municipalité is already used for a different level of government (see township).
French languageAcadian FrenchCanadian FrenchQuebec French

Question 6: In general, cantons are relatively small in terms of area and population when compared to other administrative divisions such as ________, departments or provinces.
MunicipalityCityIndependent cityCounty

Question 7: In the ________, a kaza was a district within a province, sometimes called a canton
IstanbulTurkeyTurkish peopleOttoman Empire

Question 8: Internationally the best-known cantons, and the most politically important, are those of ________.

Question 9: ________: subdivisions below the provinces of Ecuador
Calvas CantonCantons of EcuadorCuenca, EcuadorPiñas Canton


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