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Cantillation: Quiz


Question 1: All are read in the same melody, which may be considered the "general" melody for the megillot: The Song of Songs on Passover; Ruth on Shavuot; ________ on Sukkot.
EcclesiastesPsalmsBibleDeuterocanonical books

Question 2:
  • There are a number of variants employed for special sections, such as those for the ________ (Ten Commandments) and Az Yashir (Song of the Sea).
    Ten CommandmentsBiblical canonChristianity and JudaismBible

Question 3: (Only a few signs have functions similar to what they do in the rest of the ________.) The short narratives at the beginning and end of Job use the "regular" system, but the bulk of the book (the poetry) uses the special system.
Nevi'imChristianity and JudaismKetuvimTanakh

Question 4: They are of interest because a very similar melody was notated by ________ as in use in Germany in his day (15th-16th century, C.E.).
Protestant ReformationJohann ReuchlinPhilipp MelanchthonDesiderius Erasmus

Question 5: The system of cantillation signs used throughout the ________ is replaced by a very different system for these three poetic books.
Christianity and JudaismTanakhNevi'imKetuvim

Question 6: Accordingly the ________ translates "A voice cries out: 'In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord'," while the New Jewish Publication Society Version has "A voice rings out: 'Clear in the desert a road for the LORD'."
New Revised Standard VersionAuthorized King James VersionEnglish Standard VersionNew American Standard Bible

Question 7: Yemenite melody, including ________ (Hebrew language site)

Question 8: This system is reflected in the cantillation practices of the ________, who now use the Tiberian symbols, but tend to have musical motifs only for the disjunctives and render the conjunctives in a monotone.
Mizrahi JewsYemenite JewsJewish ethnic divisionsAntisemitism

Question 9: Learning the accents and their musical rendition is now an important part of the preparations for a bar mitzvah, as this is the first occasion on which a person reads from the ________ in public.

Question 10: Some communities had a simplified melody for the Prophets, distinct from that used in reading the ________: the distinction is mentioned in one medieval Sephardic source.
Jewish servicesHaftarahTorah readingKiddush Levana

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