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Cantenna: Quiz


Question 1: While cantennas are useful for extending a wireless local area network (WLAN), the tiny design makes them ideal for mobile applications such as ________.

Question 2: [1] However, in the more casual vernacular of the Do-It-Yourself community, it has functionally become a ________ of can (e.g.
Humpty DumptyPortmanteauBlendSupercouple

Question 3: A cantenna is a directional waveguide antenna for long-range ________ used to increase the range of (or discover) a wireless network.
BluetoothSatellite Internet accessWiMAXWi-Fi

Question 4: The design of the cantenna is so simple that it is often the first antenna ________ experimenters learn to build.
BluetoothWiMAXSatellite Internet accessWi-Fi


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