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Question 1: El Cid defends the city of Valencia, defeating King ________ of the Almoravids.
Yusuf ibn TashfinAl-AndalusMoroccoBerber people

Question 2: El Cid's two daughters then remarry to the infantes of Navarre and ________.

Question 3: El Cid is exiled from Castile by King Alfonso VI and fights with the Moorish king of ________ to regain his honor.

Question 4: The word Cid is from Arabic origin, ________ (سيد‎), an honorific title similar to English Sir (in the medieval, courtly sense).
SayyidJanjua RajputDattAlavi (surname)

Question 5: There is no magic, even the apparition of archangel ________ (verses 404–410) happens in a dream.
JesusGabrielBiblical MagiSaint Joseph

Question 6: Based on a true story, it tells of the Spanish hero ________, and takes place during the Reconquista, or reconquest of Spain from the Moors.
El CidIberian PeninsulaYusuf ibn TashfinAl-Andalus


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