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Question 1: Some circles in the field of ________ have borrowed this usage from mathematicians.
Computer programmingProgramming paradigmSoftware engineeringComputer science

Question 2: ________ (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is an example of an integration architecture that is based on a canonical data model.
OASIS (organization)Business Process Execution LanguageOpenDocumentExtensible Resource Identifier

Question 3: They can be defined as any coordinates whose Poisson brackets give a Kronecker delta (or a ________ in the case of continuous variables).
Normal distributionCauchy distributionDirac delta functionWigner semicircle distribution

Question 4: The function of this collection is somewhat analogous to the precedents established in common law by ________.
Civil law (legal system)LawyerShariaCase law

Question 5: the Gospel of Matthew or the ________) as opposed to apocryphal books (e.g.
Gospel of JohnNew TestamentGospel of LukeGospel of Mark

Question 6: ________ is the process by which a person becomes recognized as a saint.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchCanonizationPope

Question 7: It has come to mean "the usual or standard state or manner of something"; for example, "the canonical way to organize a ________ is as a hierarchy, with extensions to make it a directed graph".
File systemNTFSOperating systemFile Allocation Table

Question 8: Canonical variables are essential in the Hamiltonian formulation of physics, which is particularly important in ________.
Introduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanicsWave–particle dualitySchrödinger equation

Question 9: They always occur in complementary pairs, such as spatial location x and linear momentum p, ________ φ and angular momentum L, and energy E and time t.

Question 10: In computer science, a canonical number is the old designation for a ________ on routers and servers.
EthernetToken ringMAC addressData Link Layer


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