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Question 1: After the completion of the Corpus Juris Canonici, subsequent ________ legislation was published in periodic volumes called Bullaria.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVI

Question 2: This situation impelled Pope St. Pius X to order the creation of the first ________, a single volume of clearly stated laws.
Catholic Church hierarchyHistory of the Catholic ChurchCanon law (Catholic Church)Eastern Catholic Churches

Question 3: Their separate status dates back to the 12th century when the ________ split them off from the mixed secular/religious county and local courts used by the Saxons.
NormansNormandyCnut the GreatEngland

Question 4: The institutions and practices of canon law paralleled the legal development of much of Europe, and consequently both modern Civil law and ________ bear the influences of canon law.
Reception statuteLawyerShariaCommon law

Question 5: Under the aegis of the Cardinal Pietro Gasparri, the Commission for the Codification of Canon Law was completed under ________, who promulgated the Code, effective in 1918.
Pope Pius XIPope Paul VIPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XV

Question 6: Pope ________ is credited with promulgating the first official collection of canons called the Decretalia Gregorii Noni or Liber Extra (1234).
Pope Alexander IVPope Gregory IXPope Honorius IVCatholic Church

Question 7: Over time, these canons were supplemented with ________ of the Bishops of Rome, which were responses to doubts or problems according to the maxim, "Roma locuta est, causa finita est" ("Rome has spoken, case is closed").
DecretalPope Benedict XIExtravagantesCorpus Juris Canonici

Question 8: Some ecclesiastical officials are required to have the doctorate (________) or at least the licentiate (JCL) in canon law in order to fulfill their functions: Judicial Vicars (c.
Doctor of both lawsDoctor of Canon LawAcademic degreePontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)

Question 9: This was followed by the Liber Sextus (1298) of ________, the Clementines (1317) of Clement V, the Extravagantes Joannis XXII and the Extravagantes Communes, all of which followed the same structure as the Liber Extra.
Pope Alexander VIPope Julius IIPope Clement VPope Boniface VIII

Question 10: After multiple drafts and many years of discussion, ________ promulgated the revised Code of Canon Law (CIC) in 1983.
Catholic ChurchPope Pius XIPope John Paul IIPope Paul VI

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