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Question 1:
What role did Robert Pine play in the telemovie Cannon?
Neal Ray
Phil Dexter
Paul Wilson
Weller Dane

Question 2:
What role did David Macklin play in the telemovie Cannon?
Bishop Michael Harrigan
Johnny Cabe
Martin Newcomb
Lenny McCrae

Question 3:
What role did John Perak play in the telemovie Cannon?
Rowdy Briscoe
Neal Ray
Gardner Finney

Question 4:
Who played Art Miller the telemovie Cannon?
Jason Evers
Bernard Fox
Lawrence Pressman
J.D. Cannon

Question 5:
Who played Nurse Laura Hedding the telemovie Cannon?
Stefanie Powers
Marj Dusay
Marianne McAndrew
Susan Oliver

Question 6:
What role did Robert Goulet play in the telemovie Cannon?
Sasha Dorn
Morris W. Talbot
Capt. Mel Danvers
Editor Matthews

Question 7:
Who played Daphne Simmons/Gail Dexter the telemovie Cannon?
Ruth Roman
Arlene Golonka
Dina Merrill
Kathleen Cody

Question 8:
Who played Eddie Main the telemovie Cannon?
Carl Betz
Stuart Margolin
Charles Dierkop
Edward Binns

Question 9:
Who played Jennifer Shaw the telemovie Cannon?
Marlyn Mason
Beverly Garland
Sheila Larken
Kitty Winn

Question 10:
Who played Warden the telemovie Cannon?
John McLiam
Michael Strong
Lloyd Gough
Monte Markham

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