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Question 1: (See also: ________) Cannibalism was already a regular practice in Māori wars.
New ZealandAlexander BerryBoyd massacreSydney

Question 2:
What is the street address of The Raft of the Medusa?

Question 3: There is also a tradition of the practice among the Hopi, and mentions of the custom among other tribes of New Mexico and ________.

Question 4: In parts of ________, cannibalism was still practiced in the early 20th century, for a variety of reasons — including retaliation, to insult an enemy people, or to absorb the dead person's qualities.
MelanesiaPitcairn IslandsNiuePolynesia

Question 5: While there is universal agreement that some ________ people practiced human sacrifice, there is a lack of scholarly consensus as to whether cannibalism in pre-Columbian America was widespread.
Mesoamerican chronologyMesoamericaTakalik AbajMaya civilization

Question 6: On August 14, 2007, a member of the far-left ________ Naxalite group engaged in cannibalism.
MarxismRevolutionary Internationalist MovementMaoismMao Zedong

Question 7: Examples include The witch in Hansel and Gretel and ________ of Slavic folklore.
DomovoiLeshyTriglav (mythology)Baba Yaga

Question 8: The self declared Emperor of the ________, Jean-Bédel Bokassa (Emperor Bokassa I), was tried on 24 October 1986 for several cases of cannibalism although he was never convicted.
Côte d'IvoireNigerBurkina FasoCentral African Republic

Question 9:
What album followed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2?
As One: Chapter Four
Rox II
The Top of His Head
Into The Future

Question 10: ________ writing to a consular colleague in Lisbon on 3 August 1903 from Lake Mantumba in the Congo Free State said: "The people round here are all cannibals.
Patrick PearseThomas AsheEaster RisingRoger Casement

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