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Cannabinoid receptor type 1: Quiz


Question 1: CB1 is expressed on several cell types of the pituitary gland, in the thyroid gland, and most likely in the ________.
Adrenal glandEndocrine systemTesticleOvary

Question 2: After the receptor is engaged, multiple intracellular ________ pathways are activated.
Membrane receptorLipid signalingReceptor (biochemistry)Signal transduction

Question 3: CNR1 has also proven useful at lower taxonomic levels, e.g., in ________,[14][15] and for the identification of dermopterans as the closest primate relatives.

Question 4: Cannabinoid receptors are activated by ________, generated naturally inside the body (endocannabinoids) or introduced into the body as cannabis or a related synthetic compound.

Question 5: It is activated by the psychoactive drug cannabis, by its active compound THC and by a group of endocannabinoid neurotransmitters including ________.
VirodhamineAnandamide2-Arachidonoylglycerol2-Arachidonyl glyceryl ether

Question 6: Anandamide and 2-AG, produced by macrophages and ________ respectively, may mediate this effect.
Blood plasmaPlateletBloodRed blood cell

Question 7: This is key to endocannabinoid-mediated ________, a very common form of short-term plasticity in which the depolarization of a single neuron induces a reduction in GABA-mediated neurotransmission.
Glutamic acidNeurotransmitterDepolarization-induced suppression of inhibitionLong-term potentiation

Question 8: ________
AM404CannabidiolCannabinoid receptor antagonistTetrahydrocannabinol

Question 9: the septal region), cerebellar cortex, and ________ nuclei (e.g. the periaqueductal gray).
Human brainBrainstemGrey matterWhite matter

Question 10: The inverse agonist MK-9470 makes it possible to produce in vivo images of the distribution of CB1 receptors in the human brain with ________.
Single photon emission computed tomographyPositron emission tomographyRadiation therapyX-ray

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