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Cannabaceae: Quiz


Question 1: Flowers of Trema orientalis in ________, India.
MangaloreDaman and DiuGoaMumbai

Question 2: ________), or twining herbs (e.g.
CannabisScopolamineMandrake (plant)Amitriptyline

Question 3: Aphananthe
________ - Hemp
Humulus - Hop
Trema - Trema
CannabisScopolamineMandrake (plant)Amitriptyline

Question 4: Different subspecies of hemp (Cannabis sativa) are cultivated for the production of fiber, as a source of cheap oil or to produce recreational or medical ________.
CannabidiolCannabis (drug)Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsCannabis smoking

Question 5: Cannabaceae is a small family of ________.
Flowering plantEmbryophyteGymnospermFern

Question 6: The pistil is made of two connate ________, the usually superior ovary is unilocular; there is no fixed number of stamens.
FlowerFlowering plantGynoeciumPollen

Question 7: Hop (Humulus lupulus) is cultivated for its fruits which contain aromatic substances used in the production of ________.
BockAlcoholic beverageBrewingBeer

Question 8: ________ is by far the largest genus, counting 100 species.

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