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Question 1: The effect is to turn a large-calibre gun on an armoured fighting vehicle into a giant ________.
United StatesCombat shotgunFirearmShotgun

Question 2: It was similar to grapeshot in which the canister round's effect is similar to that of a giant ________.
Gauge (bore diameter).45 ColtShotgun shellShotgun slug

Question 3: Canister shot (or case-shot) is a kind of anti-personnel ________ used in cannons.
BombAmmunitionMilitary technology and equipmentGun

Question 4: Artillery on Seminary Ridge skipped canister shot at ________'s approaching Confederate infantry, breaking up their attack and forcing them to take cover in a depression.
Jubal Anderson EarlyEdward Porter AlexanderAlfred Moore ScalesJames Longstreet

Question 5: The canister itself was usually made of tin, often dipped in a lacquer of ________ diluted with turpentine to prevent corrosion of the metal.
ButtonScissorsBeeswaxTracing paper


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