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Question 1:
Cando event, Chernobyl disaster and Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are all:
Fires in Spain 1994 fires Mysteries 20th-century explosions

Question 2:
Cando event, Vela Incident and Unidentified flying object are all:
Fires in Spain 20th-century explosions Mysteries 1994 fires

Question 3:
Cando event, Spanish films of 1994 and 1994 Vuelta a Espa˝a are all:
20th-century explosions Fires in Spain 1994 in Spain Mysteries

Question 4:
Cando event, 1994 Karamay fire and Clerkenwell cinema fire are all:
Fires in Spain 1994 fires 20th-century explosions Mysteries

Question 5: The Cando event was an ________ that occurred in the village of Cando, Spain, in the morning of January 18, 1994.
SunExplosionEnergyExplosive material

Question 6: See ________, 7 September 2002, p.
National Geographic (magazine)American ScientistBBC FocusNew Scientist

Question 7: There were no casualties in this incident, which has been described as being like a small ________.
EarthTunguska eventImpact eventMeteorite

Question 8: The same explanation has been recently circulating about the ________, against the old meteor theory.
MeteoriteTunguska eventImpact eventEarth

Question 9: Zden─Ťk Ceplecha of the Ond┼Öejov Observatory in the ________ explains the incident might have been a blast of subterranean gases which, removing the topsoil in a sudden explosion, vented into the air.
HungaryCzech RepublicPolandSlovakia

Question 10: A possible explosion site was established when a local resident called the University of ________ to report an unknown gouge in a hillside close to the village.
A Coru├▒aSantiago de CompostelaSalamancaPadr├│n


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