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Question 1: This is most often associated with tissues with a high rate of cell turnover (such as the ________ or gut).
TanningHuman skinSkinLeather

Question 2: In human ________ the frequency of these cells is less than 1 in 10,000.
Acute myeloid leukemiaAcute promyelocytic leukemiaChronic myelogenous leukemiaMyelodysplastic syndrome

Question 3: Such cells are proposed to persist in tumors as a distinct population and cause relapse and ________ by giving rise to new tumors.
CancerCancer stagingMetastasisHead and neck cancer

Question 4: [25] Both ________(SHH) and Wnt pathways are commonly hyperactivated in tumors and are required to sustain tumor growth.
GLI2IHHSonic hedgehogGLI1

Question 5: Including the possibility that the treatment of for instance, ________, will leave only chemotherapy-resistant CSCs, then the ensuing tumor will most likely also be resistant to chemotherapy.
AntineoplasticChemotherapyCancer immunotherapyATC code L

Question 6: Once the pathways to cancer are hypothesized, it is possible to develop predictive ________ models,[14] e.g., based on the cell compartment method.
GeneticsMicrobiologyMathematical and theoretical biologyBioinformatics

Question 7: In other words, it possessed multidifferentiative potential, a classical hallmark of ________.
Developmental biologyStem cellUmbilical cordEmbryo

Question 8: [21] The pathway appears to be active in CSCs of pediatric ________.
Nervous system neoplasmMalignant brain tumorICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsBrain tumor

Question 9: Further evidence comes from ________, the study of tissue structure of tumors.

Question 10: In ________ experiments, tumor cells are sometimes injected into an experimental animal to establish a tumor.
Cancer researchTumor suppressor geneHead and neck cancerChemotherapy

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