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Question 1: The raven-bears are standing on an outcrop of what is known as the ________, a geological formation which the Authority foundation is based on.
Interior PlateauColumbia MountainsCanadian ShieldAppalachian Mountains

Question 2: The Canadian Shield is formed by rocks, which are covered in red coloured ________ leaves and by golden maple seeds.
Acer campestreAcer platanoidesAcer rubrumMaple

Question 3: The Authority also registers existing armorial bearings granted by other recognized heraldic authorities, approves military badges, flags and other insignia of the ________, and provides information on heraldic practices.
Land Force Western AreaLand Force Central AreaCanadian ForcesCadet Instructors Cadre

Question 4: A number of grants have been made to people who have already been recognized with state honours for their notable achievements, such as through admission to the ________, and who are accordingly entitled to a grant of arms.
Orders, decorations, and medals of CanadaGovernor General of CanadaOrder of Military Merit (Canada)Order of Canada

Question 5: The Authority is located at ________, the residence of the Governor General.
24 Sussex DriveRideau HallRideau CanalParliament Hill

Question 6: The Authority is responsible for the creation and granting of new ________ (armorial bearings), flags and badges for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and corporate bodies.
Coat of armsRoyal coat of arms of ScotlandUnofficial emblem of TurkeyRoyal coat of arms of the United Kingdom

Question 7: The motto that was chosen is ________ for Let us honour those who honour our country.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 8: ________ (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and the remainder of the Commonwealth)
New Zealand Herald ExtraordinaryGarter Principal King of ArmsCollege of ArmsEarl Marshal

Question 9: The Canadian Heraldic Authority (French: L'Autorité héraldique du Canada) is part of the ________ under the Queen of Canada, whose authority is exercised by the Governor General.
Order of MeritMonarchy of CanadaOrder of CanadaOrders, decorations, and medals of Canada


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