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Canadian Forces Primary Reserve: Quiz


Question 1: The LFR is organized into under-strength ________ (for purposes of administration) along geographic lines.
BrigadeBattalionCompany (military unit)Regiment

Question 2: It is often referred to by the original constitutionally established name of the ________ until 1940, the Militia.
Land Force Quebec AreaCanadian Forces Land Force CommandLand Force Western AreaCanadian Forces

Question 3: LFR regiments have the theoretical administrative capacity to support an entire ________, but typically only having the deployable manpower of one or two platoons.
Company (military unit)BrigadeDivision (military)Battalion

Question 4: They are perpetuated as such for the timely absorption of recruits during times of ________.
WarMilitary strategyMilitary historyAerial warfare

Question 5: Members of the reserve have not been called to involuntary active service in foreign operations since the ________.
Soviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 6: Health services reservists serve the Canadian Forces in a wide range of health care professions, including ________, nursing and social work.
SurgerySpecialty (medicine)PhysicianMedicine

Question 7: This is usually a ________ or Rear Admiral.
BrigadierMilitary rankBrigadier GeneralMajor General

Question 8: It is the largest of four components to the CF reserves; those being the Primary Reserve, the Supplementary Reserve, the Canadian Rangers, and the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (formerly the ________[1]).
Canadian Forces Medical ServiceLand Force Atlantic AreaCanadian Military EngineersCadet Instructors Cadre

Question 9: The Primary Reserve is a reserve force of the ________.
Land Force Western AreaCanadian ForcesLand Force Central AreaCadet Instructors Cadre


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