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Question 1: The area which constitutes modern-day ________ is the remnants of the Hudson's Bay Company's Columbia District and New Caledonia District following the Oregon Treaty.
OntarioAlbertaCanadaBritish Columbia

Question 2: ________ and Saskatchewan were established September 1, 1905, by Acts of Parliament.
AlbertaQuebecCanadaBritish Columbia

Question 3: ________ joined Canada July 20, 1871, by Act of Parliament (and encouraged to join by Sir John A.
Pacific NorthwestBritish ColumbiaOntarioAlberta

Question 4: All the colonies that became involved in the Canadian Confederation in 1867 were initially part of ________ and were once ruled by France.
New FranceAcadiaFrench colonial empireCastle Hill, Newfoundland and Labrador

Question 5: The term is also used to divide ________ into pre-Confederation (i.e.
Canada under British Imperial controlCanadaHistory of CanadaMilitary history of Canada

Question 6: doctrine of ________, the real and constant threat of intervention from the US
ColonialismManifest DestinyUnited StatesJames K. Polk

Question 7: The ________’s first attempt at settlement in what would become Canada was Nova Scotia, granted to Sir William Alexander under charter in 1621 by James VI.
British EmpireBarbadosInformal EmpireNauru

Question 8: The War of 1812 and subsequent Treaty of 1818 established the 49th parallel as the border with the United States from the ________ to the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada.
Arctic OceanOntarioGreat LakesJames Bay

Question 9: ________, William Annand, and Hugh McDonald (1867).
Charles TupperArchibald McLelanJoseph HoweAdams George Archibald

Question 10: the appointment of a governor general by the ________.
Monarchy of the United KingdomElizabeth II of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomPrime Minister of the United Kingdom


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