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Canadian Aboriginal syllabics: Quiz


Question 1: They are also used to write ________ in the eastern Canadian Arctic; here they are co-official with the Latin alphabet in the territory of Nunavut.
InuitInuktitutInuit languageGreenlandic language

Question 2: With the support of both ________ and Catholic missionary societies, by the beginning of the 20th century the Inuit were propagating syllabics themselves.
AnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)CatholicismEcumenical council

Question 3: Furthermore, the Ojibwe language was polysynthetic but had few distinct syllables, meaning that most words had a large number of syllables; this made them quite long when spelled with the ________.
Latin alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 4: They may be ________ rather than morphophonemic syllables.
PhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetEnglish orthographyPhonology

Question 5: In Nunavut and ________, Inuktitut syllabics have official status.
NunavikKativik Regional GovernmentNord-du-QuébecKativik, Quebec

Question 6: It is his work across the ________ which is usually credited with the establishment of syllabics among the Inuit.
North American ArcticAntarcticaArcticDesert

Question 7: Attikamekw, Montagnais and ________ people in eastern Quebec and Labrador use Roman alphabet writing schemes.

Question 8: Missionaries who had learned Evans’ system spread it east across Ontario and into Quebec, reaching all ________ areas as far east as the Naskapi.
Algonquin languageInuktitutInnu-aimunCree language

Question 9: He prepared a few based on their pronunciation of ________, but it quickly became obvious that the number of basic sounds and the simple model of the syllable in the Evans system was inadequate to the language.
Inuit languageGreenlandic languageInuktitutInuit

Question 10: Here, he began to learn the eastern ________ spoken in the area and was part of a committee to devise a Roman orthography for it.
Ojibwe dialectsOttawa languageOjibwe writing systemsOjibwe language


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