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Canada and the Vietnam War: Quiz


Question 1: [25] After Canada’s departure from the Commission, it was replaced by ________.
Iran–Iraq WarAzerbaijanIraqIran

Question 2: These new arrivals tended to balance the "________" that Canada had experienced.
United StatesBrain drainCubaPortugal

Question 3: After the fall of South Vietnam in ________, thousands of refugees, known as boat people, fled Vietnam for both political and economic reasons.

Question 4: In Quebec, the anti-war movement was also strong, and even violent: The ________, a militant Quebec-separatist group, was also stridently anti-American and against the war.
Marc CarbonneauLouise LanctôtOctober CrisisFront de libération du Québec

Question 5: ________ did not fight in the Vietnam War and diplomatically it was officially "non-belligerent".
BarbadosCanadaUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 6: Sold goods included relatively benign items like boots, but also munitions, ________ and commercial defoliants, the use of which was fiercely opposed by anti-war protesters at the time.
Incendiary deviceNapalmKorean WarUnited States

Question 7: [23] Canada also allowed their ________ ally to use Canadian facilities and bases for training exercises and weapons testing as per existing treaties.
Non-Aligned MovementAfghanistanNATOCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 8: Canada's foreign policy was also committed to multilateralism and the United Nations, perhaps most noticeably under Lester B. Pearson from ________ to 1968.

Question 9: While some draft resisters returned to the United States after an amnesty was declared in 1977 during the administration of ________, roughly half of them stayed in Canada.
Jimmy CarterJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. JohnsonHarry S. Truman

Question 10: Some had already been deported to face military jail terms ranging from about six to 15 months."[10] (See ________)
Conscientious objectorCanada and Iraq War resistersJeremy HinzmanJosh Key


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