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Question 1: The Canada Goose also eats grains such as wheat, ________, rice, and corn when they are available.
Common beanPulse (legume)BeanSoybean

Question 2:
What is the binomial of Canada Goose?
Hydrastis canadensis
Branta canadensis
Nuttallanthus canadensis
Cervus canadensis

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Canada Goose have?
Branta canadensis call
Branta ruficollis
Dendragapus canadensis
Sakesphorus canadensis

Question 4: ________. Retrieved 2007-01-30.
Department for Communities and Local GovernmentHome OfficeDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural AffairsDepartment for Culture, Media and Sport

Question 5: Canada Geese were introduced as a game bird into ________ and have also become a problem in some areas.
United KingdomAustraliaNew ZealandNauru

Question 6:
What format does Canada Goose follow?

Question 7: In 1995, a US Air Force E-3 Sentry aircraft at Elmendorf AFB, ________ struck a flock of Canada Geese on takeoff and crashed, killing all 24 crew.
AlaskaWashingtonHawaiiNorthwestern United States

Question 8: The specific epithet canadensis is a New Latin word meaning "from ________".
United StatesBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 9: The Canada Goose eats a variety of ________ when on land.

Question 10: According to the ________, the first citation for the 'Canada Goose' dates back to 1772.
American and British English spelling differencesOxford English DictionaryUnited KingdomJames Murray (lexicographer)


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