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Question 1: When Canada was invaded during the ________, thousands joined the American cause and formed regiments that fought during the war; however most remained neutral and some joined the British effort.
American Revolutionary WarUnited StatesSaratoga campaignNew York and New Jersey campaign

Question 2: Each is the other's chief economic partner, and indeed the two economies have increasingly merged since the ________ (NAFTA) of 1994.
North American Free Trade AgreementMexicoCanada – United States Free Trade AgreementNew Zealand – United States relations

Question 3: In addition, American and Canadian military forces have cooperated since 1958 on continental air defense within the framework of the ________ (NORAD).
Cheyenne MountainNorth American Aerospace Defense CommandThule Air BaseVandenberg Air Force Base

Question 4: Thomas Jefferson saw the nearby British imperial presence as a threat to republicanism in the United States, and so he opposed the ________, and it became one of the major political issues in the United States at the time.
James MadisonGeorge WashingtonJay TreatyUnited Kingdom – United States relations

Question 5: involves the issue of Canadian sovereignty over the ________ (the sea passages in the Arctic).
Northwest PassageFranklin's lost expeditionCanadaArctic Ocean

Question 6: Other notable disputes include the ________, and Canadian cultural "restrictions" on magazines and television (See CRTC, CBC, and National Film Board of Canada).
Wheat poolInternational wheat production statisticsWheat beerCanadian Wheat Board

Question 7: The most serious breach in the relationship was the ________, which saw an American invasion of then British North America and counter invasions from British-Canadian forces.
Battle of Lake ErieChronology of the War of 1812War of 1812 CampaignsWar of 1812

Question 8: ________
ItalyUnited KingdomNATOOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Question 9: Before 1860, about 30,000-40,000 escaped slaves used the ________ to escape to British North America.
Underground RailroadHarriet TubmanWilliam Cooper NellAmerican Civil War

Question 10: Arar is a dual citizen of Canada and Syria and was traveling through New York as part of a trip from ________ to Canada.

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