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Question 1: Camping certain locations also applies to games such as America's Army and other ________ where a critical objective or terrain must be guarded.
Light gun shooterTactical shooterPlatform gameAction game

Question 2: In ________ there are several clans dedicated to camping.
Unreal Tournament 3Unreal TournamentQuake III ArenaTyrian (video game)

Question 3: This is in contrast with some ________ play where it is viewed as part of the game—a consequence of the domination of the losing side.
Playoff formatTournamentRound-robin tournamentAssociation football

Question 4: This causes a problem because, while they are waiting, they are not participating in the rest of the game, thus making it harder for other players to find conflicts or - in a team-based game such as ________ - disadvantaging their team.
Battlefield VietnamBattlefield 2Battlefield 1942Battlefield 2142

Question 5: Among some players, camping is considered tantamount to ________, especially in deathmatch-type games.

Question 6: In ________, camping is a tactic of waiting for enemies to come to the player or useful objects to appear rather than actively seeking them out.
Video gamePersonal computer gameNonviolent video gameVideo game genres

Question 7: The virtual world simulator ________ features many locations where users avatars may "camp" in order to earn "Linden dollars", the currency of the virtual world.
Second Life GridSecond LifeLinden LabTeen Second Life

Question 8: This sets up an ________ when someone arrives to retrieve valuable items from the body or revive a teammate.
Ancient warfareConcealmentAmbushMilitary tactics

Question 9: In online play for ________, at the team selection screen, some players will highlight but not select a weak team to persuade their opponent to select a weak team as well.
Pro Evolution Soccer 6Pro Evolution Soccer 5Pro Evolution Soccer 2008Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Question 10: The location is then used to ________ or carry out sniper attacks on opposing player(s).
ConcealmentMilitary tacticsAncient warfareAmbush


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