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Campinas: Quiz


Question 1: Its ________, defined in 2000, has some 19 cities and a population of 3,2 million people.
MegacityMetropolitan areaLos AngelesMegalopolis (city type)

Question 2: [4] It also has a sizable pharmaceutical industry sector, with companies like Medley Farma, EMS Farma, Altana, ________, Cristália, Valeo, etc.
American ExpressJohnson & JohnsonMerck & Co.Pfizer

Question 3: In addition the region is home to many research centers and universities, such as LNLS, CPqD, CenPRA, Embrapa, ________, Facamp and Puccamp.
São PauloUniversities and higher education in BrazilEducation in BrazilUniversidade Estadual de Campinas

Question 4: Average ________ ranges from 37% (August) to 56% (January).
WindWater vaporPrecipitation (meteorology)Humidity

Question 5: The city built a ________ line in the early-1990s, but due to low ridership the entire project was abandoned.
Passenger rail terminologyTramLight railTram-train

Question 6: These parks feature jogging and ________ paths.
BicycleBicycle trailerUnicycleRecumbent bicycle

Question 7: The city does not have many tourist spots, since it is not located at the ________ or the mountains, and has no remarkable old monument or construction.
CoastCliffBeachCoral reef

Question 8: Campinas is located in the plateau (planalto, in Portuguese) of São Paulo, in the transition area to the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, and in the orogeographical basin of the ________.
AnhembiBaririGreater São PauloTietê River

Question 9: Due to this, Campinas has little air ________ and smog and the local airports almost never close due to bad weather.
Air pollutionMarine pollutionPollutionWater pollution

Question 10: Campos Sales - politician, fourth ________
Politics of BrazilSupreme Federal Court (Brazil)National Congress of BrazilPresident of Brazil


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