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Campaign history of the Roman military: Quiz


Question 1: Constantine's son ________ inherited his father's rule and later defeated the usurper Magnentius in first the Battle of Mursa Major and then the Battle of Mons Seleucus.
Julian the ApostateConstantius IIConstantine IDiocletian

Question 2: The so-called Crisis of the Third Century describes the turmoil of murder, usurpation and in-fighting that is traditionally seen as developing with the murder of the Emperor ________ in 235.
ElagabalusSeptimius SeverusCaracallaAlexander Severus

Question 3: The new war in Sicily against ________, a great naval power,[92] forced Rome to quickly build a fleet and train sailors.

Question 4: The land of Armenia between the ________ and Caspian Sea became a focus of contention between Rome and the Parthian Empire, and control of the region was repeatedly gained and lost.
Mediterranean SeaBaltic SeaBlack SeaAegean Sea

Question 5: Rome's preoccupation with its war with Carthage provided an opportunity for Philip V of the kingdom of Macedon in northern ________, to attempt to extend his power westward.

Question 6: [286][287] However, ________, governor of the province of Germania Inferior, had also claimed the throne[288][289] and marched on Rome with his troops.

Question 7: [240] Together with Lucius Antonius, Mark Antony's wife ________ raised an army in Italy to fight for Antony's rights against Octavian but she was defeated by Octavian at the Battle of Perugia.
Roman RepublicJulius CaesarAugustusFulvia

Question 8: The Cantabrian Wars or Astur-Cantabrian Wars, from 29 BC to 19 BC, occurred during the Roman conquest of these northern provinces of Cantabria and ________.

Question 9: Although some histories have been lost, such as ________'s account of the Dacian Wars, and others, such as Rome's earliest histories, are at least semi-apocryphal, the extant histories of Rome's military history are extensive.
HadrianMarcus AureliusNervaTrajan

Question 10: Caesar's supporter ________ condemned Caesar's assassins and war broke out between the two factions.
Mark AntonyPtolemy I SoterCleopatra VIIJulius Caesar


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