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Question 1: The campaign hat is still available for wear by Boy Scouts of the ________.
Boy Scouts of America membership controversiesJersey Shore CouncilHistory of the Boy Scouts of AmericaBoy Scouts of America

Question 2: military drill instructors, state police forces, park rangers (and from them, their logo-cartoon and mascot Smokey Bear), Boy Scouts, the ________, the Legion of Frontiersmen and others.
Environment CanadaOntario Provincial PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada Border Services Agency

Question 3: The "lemon squeezer" was worn to a certain extent during World War II, although often replaced by more convenient forage caps or ________.
BeretMilitary beretSpainBlack beret

Question 4: ________, whose uniforms have historically followed the British pattern, has the campaign hat (known as the "lemon squeezer" hat) as the most visible national distinction.
New Zealand ArmyRoyal New Zealand Air ForceNew Zealand Defence CollegeRoyal New Zealand Navy

Question 5: Although the campaign hat is occasionally referred to as a ________, it should not be confused with the Stetson type also known as the cowboy hat, and which is more commonly meant by the term.
Army Service UniformBattle Dress UniformArmy Combat UniformStetson

Question 6: It is also used by members of the ________, but it is being phased out due to problems wearing them in police cruisers.
York Regional PoliceOntario Provincial PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceToronto Police Service

Question 7: The ________ is the only U.S.
United States armed forcesUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Navy

Question 8: Those worn by the United States Army's General officers had a golden cord around it, whereas other ________ had a golden-and-black cord around their hat.
Officer (armed forces)Officer CadetWarrant OfficerMilitary rank

Question 9: Rangers of many local parks departments wear the campaign hat, such as the ________.
ArrestNew York City Police Department Auxiliary PoliceNew York City Police DepartmentNew York City Parks Enforcement Patrol

Question 10: 1911 Hat, Service, M1911 (Campaign Hat.) The hat is often associated with Sir ________ who introduced the hat for the South African Constabulary and the Boy Scouts.
Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-PowellBrownsea Island Scout campFrederick Russell BurnhamScouting for Boys

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