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Question 1: He grew acquainted with Calvinist teachings, and for a short while he converted from a form of unorthodox ________, only to go back later.
CatholicismEast–West SchismCrusadesCatholic Church

Question 2: He died on June 6 of a ________, fifty years old.
Subarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral venous sinus thrombosisStrokeCerebral aneurysm

Question 3: Cavour then spent his time in Switzerland, along with his Protestant relatives in ________.

Question 4: Cavour would quickly regain confidence, as several of the terms, such as the restoration to power of the rulers of Tuscany and ________, would not actually be carried out.

Question 5: Firstly he experimented with different agricultural techniques on his estate, such as the use of ________, and was one of the first Italian landowners to use chemical fertilizers.
MaizeSugar beetPotatoSugarcane

Question 6: He then traveled to Paris where he was impressed by parliamentary debates, especially those of François Guizot and ________, confirming his devotion to a political career.
Armand FallièresAlexandre MillerandRaymond PoincaréAdolphe Thiers

Question 7: A quicker tour through the Netherlands, ________, and Switzerland (German part and Lake of Geneva) eventually landed him back in Turin.

Question 8: Cavour was a heavy supporter of transportation by ________, sponsoring the building of many railroads and canals.
Stirling engineSteam engineHeat engineReciprocating engine

Question 9: In early 1853, the ________ broke out, pitting Great Britain, France, and the Ottomans against Russia.
Great Northern WarCrimean WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Russian Civil War

Question 10: Cavour recognized that ________ must be an integral part of Italy, but refused to take a stance on how to achieve it, saying "Will the deliverance of Venice come by arms or diplomacy?

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