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Camille Saint-Saëns: Quiz


Question 1: By the dawn of the 20th century, Saint-Saëns was an ultra-conservative, fighting the influence of Debussy and ________.
Gustav MahlerClemens KraussKarl BöhmRichard Strauss

Question 2:
When did Camille Saint-Sans die?

Question 3:
Where was Camille Saint-Sans born?
Near Pigeon Falls, Wisconsin, United States
Besanu00E7on, France
Rio de Janeiro City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Question 4: Over the next several years he travelled around the world, visiting exotic locations in Europe, North Africa, ________, and South America.
Southeast AsiaSingaporePhilippinesMalaysia

Question 5: Two years later, Saint-Saëns's mother died, driving the mourning composer away from France to the ________ under the alias "Sannois".
SpainMelillaCanary IslandsTenerife

Question 6:
When was Camille Saint-Sans born?

Question 7: In turn, his own concertos appear to have influenced those of ________ and other later Romantic composers.
Alexander PushkinSergei RachmaninoffRussiaAlexander Glazunov

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Camille Saint-Sans have?
Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon - 2. Languissament
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Piano Sonata No. 28 in A Major, Op. 101, Movement II
Sonata for bassoon with piano accompaniment

Question 9: He was frequently named as "the most German of all the French composers", perhaps due to his use of ________.
FugueCanon (music)CounterpointBaroque music

Question 10:
How is Camille Saint-Sans described?
Danish pianist, organist and composer
French pianist, organist, and composer
English composer, organist, singer and conductor
Jazz organist and pianist

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