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Question 1: One of the places that this well-established carbon-13 excursion occurs is in ________.
United Arab EmiratesOmanSaudi ArabiaQatar

Question 2: The end of the period was eventually set at a fairly definite faunal change now identified as an ________.
Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventExtinction eventPermian–Triassic extinction eventGeologic time scale

Question 3: A radiometric date from ________ puts the end of the Lower Cambrian around 511 Ma.
CanadaLouisianaOrganisation internationale de la FrancophonieNew Brunswick

Question 4: Exactly at the Cambrian boundary there is a marked fall in the abundance of carbon-13, a "reverse spike" that ________ call an excursion.
Geologic time scaleEcologyPaleontologyBiology

Question 5: ________ (with link directory)
United StatesTexasList of fossil sitesCyprus

Question 6: Fortunately, in the Oman sequence, so too does a volcanic ash horizon from which zircons provide a very precise age of 542 ± 0.3 Ma (calculated on the decay rate of uranium to ________).

Question 7: Despite the long recognition of its distinction from younger ________ rocks and older Precambrian rocks it was not until 1994 that this time period was internationally ratified.
Geologic time scaleCarboniferousSilurianOrdovician

Question 8: Gould, Stephen Jay; Wonderful Life: the ________ and the Nature of Life (New York: Norton, 1989)
Burgess ShaleBurgess Shale type faunaAnomalocarididStephen Formation

Question 9: The base of the Cambrian is defined on a complex assemblage of ________ known as the Treptichnus pedum assemblage.
MolluscaDinosaurTrace fossilArthropod

Question 10: Amthor (2003) describes evidence from Oman that indicates the carbon-isotope excursion relates to a mass extinction: the disappearance of distinctive fossils from the ________ coincides exactly with the carbon-13 anomaly.
HadeanProterozoicGeologic time scalePrecambrian


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