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Question 1: In normal cellular function, trimming of glucose residues off the core oligosaccharide added during N-linked ________ is a part of protein processing.
Protein biosynthesisUbiquitinAmino acidGlycosylation

Question 2: Calreticulin binds to the synthetic peptide KLGFFKR, which is almost identical to an amino acid sequence in the DNA-binding domain of the superfamily of ________.
Estrogen receptorTranscription factorAndrogen receptorNuclear receptor

Question 3: The amino terminus of calreticulin interacts with the DNA-binding domain of the ________ and prevents the receptor from binding to its specific glucocorticoid response element.
Androgen receptorMineralocorticoid receptorRetinoblastoma proteinGlucocorticoid receptor

Question 4: Calreticulin binds to misfolded proteins and prevents them from being exported from the ________ to the Golgi apparatus.
RibosomeEndoplasmic reticulumCell (biology)Endomembrane system

Question 5: Calreticulin can inhibit the binding of ________ to its hormone-responsive DNA element and can inhibit androgen receptor and retinoic acid receptor transcriptional activities in vivo, as well as retinoic acid-induced neuronal differentiation.
Progesterone receptorGlucocorticoid receptorAndrogen receptorEstrogen receptor

Question 6: Calreticulin has been shown to interact with Perforin[4] and ________.
MAX (gene)NK2 homeobox 1Retinoblastoma proteinGLI3

Question 7: Calreticulin is a multifunctional protein that binds Ca2+ ________ (a second messenger molecule in signal transduction), rendering it inactive.
Lithium-ion batteryHalf cellElectrolyteIon

Question 8: Calreticulin is located in storage compartments associated with the ________.
Golgi apparatusEndoplasmic reticulumEndomembrane systemCell (biology)

Question 9: Calreticulin binds to ________ in certain sera of systemic lupus and Sjogren patients that contain anti-Ro/SSA antibodies.
AntibodyAutoantibodyAdaptive immune systemImmune system


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