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Question 1: Proposed for a launch in ________, the Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) is a joint NASA/ESA proposal for exploration of Jupiter's moons.

Question 2: Its orbit is very slightly eccentric and inclined to the Jovian ________, with the eccentricity and inclination changing quasi-periodically due to solar and planetary gravitational perturbations on a timescale of centuries.
1st parallel northEquator5th parallel north1st parallel south

Question 3: [32] The existence of an ocean is more likely if water contains a small amount of ________ or other antifreeze, up to 5% by weight.

Question 4:
What is Callisto (moon) also known as?
7603 P-L
Jupiter IV
1999 NU19

Question 5: [4] The trailing hemisphere[g] of Callisto appears to be enriched in ________, while the leading hemisphere has more sulfur dioxide.
Greenhouse gasCarbon dioxideCarbon cycleCarbon sink

Question 6: [21] Marius attributed the suggestion to ________.
Galileo GalileiJohannes KeplerScientific revolutionIsaac Newton

Question 7: In 2003 ________ conducted a conceptual study called Human Outer Planets Exploration (HOPE) regarding the future human exploration of the outer solar system.
Space explorationSpace RaceNASAHuman spaceflight

Question 8: [13] Prominent surface features include multi-ring structures, variously shaped ________, and chains of craters (catenae) and associated scarps, ridges and deposits.
Impact eventImpact craterMeteoroidMeteorite

Question 9: Callisto has a very tenuous atmosphere composed of ________.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxide

Question 10: Hence, it is suspected that the atmosphere of Callisto is actually dominated by ________ (in amounts 10–100 times greater than CO2).


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