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Question 1: Call and response patterns between two musicians are common in ________, particularly in the style of Jugalbandi.
Islamic musicCarnatic musicIndian classical musicHindustani classical music

Question 2: In the West, it is most readily seen in the sea shanty, ________ work songs, military cadences, and the dance-songs of various European countries including France (particularly Brittany) and the Faroe Islands.
African American cultureAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African AmericanGreat Migration (African American)

Question 3: American bluesman ________ utilizes call and response in one of his signature songs, "Hoochie Coochie Man" which is almost entirely Leader/Chorus call and response.
Robert Johnson (musician)Howlin' WolfWillie DixonMuddy Waters

Question 4: It is extensively used in ________, both in the secular rumba[1] and in the African religious ceremonies (Santeria).
Music of CubaMusic of Puerto RicoMusic of MexicoMusic of the Dominican Republic

Question 5: It corresponds to the call-and-response pattern in human ________ and is found as a basic element of musical form, such as verse-chorus form, in many traditions.
MicrobiologyScientific methodCommunicationSocial sciences

Question 6: One example is ________'s song, "My Generation":
The Who discographyThe WhoRoger DaltreyPete Townshend

Question 7: Cross-over rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, and ________ exhibit call-and-response characteristics, as well.
British rockRock musicRock and rollHeavy metal music

Question 8: In ________, a call and response is a succession of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians, where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or response to the first.
Classical musicMusical notationMusicMusic theory


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