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Californium: Quiz


Question 1: Element 96 was named for Marie and Pierre Curie as an analog to the naming of ________; named for scientist Johan Gadolin.

Question 2: Californium(III) chloride (CfCl3) is an emerald green compound with a hexagonal structure that can be prepared by combining Cf2O3 with ________ at 500°C.
Hydrochloric acidHydrogen chlorideEthanolSulfuric acid

Question 3: [14] The other two ________ are IV (strong oxidizing agents) and II (strong reducing agents).
OxideHydrogenOxidation stateOxygen

Question 4: Thompson, Kenneth Street, Jr., Albert Ghiorso, and ________ on February 9, 1950.
Ronald BreslowGlenn T. SeaborgRoger AdamsMelvin Calvin

Question 5: Twenty radioisotopes of californium have been characterized, the most stable being californium-251 with a ________ of 898 years, californium-249 with a half-life of 351 years, and californium-250 with a half-life of 13.08 years.
Half-lifeRadioactive decayCosmic rayNuclear fission

Question 6: Prolonged irradiation of ________, curium, and plutonium with neutrons produces milligram amounts of californium-252 and microgram amounts of californium-249.

Question 7: ________ was named after the city it was discovered in so element 97 was named berkelium.

Question 8: Oxford, England, UK: ________.
United KingdomLondonOxford University PressJohn Fell (clergyman)

Question 9: Electromagnetic emissions possibly caused by the decay of californium-254 are observed in the spectra of ________.
SupernovaNeutron starStarPulsar

Question 10: However, the element directly above element 98 in the periodic table, ________, simply means "hard to get at" so the researchers decided to set-aside the informal naming convention.


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