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California Newt: Quiz


Question 1: Like other Taricha members, the glands in the skin of T. torosa secrete the potent neurotoxin tetrodotoxin, which is hundreds of times more toxic than ________.

Question 2: ________.
Endangered speciesIUCN Red ListConservation statusExtinction

Question 3: The mosquitofish (________) and red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) have caused the greatest reduction in newt populations.
ActinopterygiiGuppyEastern mosquitofishMosquitofish

Question 4: In the Sierras, the newt will also consume ________ eggs.
Brook troutTroutOncorhynchusRainbow trout

Question 5: Introduced as fish bait and stock pond prey, red swamp ________ are an incredibly aggressive, prolific, and stalwart species that will prey upon newt larvae and egg masses.

Question 6: California newts exist primarily on the ________ coastline and in the Sierra Nevada.
Los AngelesCaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, California

Question 7: ________ are the most common, and some species have developed a genetic resistance to tetrodotoxin.
Common Garter SnakeGarter snakeCoral snakeKingsnake

Question 8: ________, snails, slugs, sowbugs, bloodworms, mosquito larvae and other invertebrates are among the California newt's prey.

Question 9: This is the same toxin found in ________ and harlequin frogs.


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