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Question 1: The ________, or .45 Automatic Colt Pistol, described the developer and intended use.
M1918 Browning Automatic RifleM1911 pistolM1917 Browning machine gun.45 ACP

Question 2: In firearms, the caliber is the approximate diameter of ________ used.
Cartridge (firearms).303 BritishBulletAmmunition

Question 3: This is very important when ________, as the bullet should closely match the groove diameter of the barrel to ensure a good seal.
Wildcat cartridgeCartridge (firearms)Internal ballisticsHandloading

Question 4: In ________, the caliber of a column is its diameter.
ItalyEuropeArchitectural theoryArchitecture

Question 5: Arms used to hunt large dangerous game, such as those used in ________, may be as large as .80 caliber.
Express (weaponry)ShotgunCartridge (firearms)Elephant gun

Question 6: One of the early established cartridge arms was the Spencer repeating rifle, which saw service in the ________.
United StatesAmerican Civil WarTennesseeBleeding Kansas

Question 7: This is also sometimes indicated using the prefix L/; so for example, the most common gun for the ________ tank is described as a "75 mm L/70," meaning a barrel 75 mm in diameter, and 5,250 mm long.
Panther tankTiger IITiger IPanzer IV

Question 8: In the middle of the 19th century, muskets and muzzle-loading rifles were .58 caliber or larger; the ________ flintlock, for example, had a bore diameter of about .75 caliber (19 mm).
Pattern 1853 EnfieldBaker rifleFN FALBrown Bess

Question 9: The .30-03 and ________ were named for the dates of introduction, 1903 and 1906, respectively.
.30-06 SpringfieldM1903 Springfield.38 Special.45 ACP

Question 10: In ________, the caliber of a tube in the body (for example, the colon) is its diameter.
Specialty (medicine)MedicineSurgeryPhysician

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