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Question 1: The LED and VFD displays had often required additional driver transistors or ICs, whereas the ________ displays were more amenable to being driven directly by the calculator IC itself.
LCD televisionOrganic LEDTFT LCDLiquid crystal display

Question 2: The power consumption of the integrated circuits was also reduced, especially with the introduction of ________ technology.
Very-large-scale integrationCMOSMOSFETLogic gate

Question 3: The spread of the computer rather than the simple electronic calculator put an end to the ________.
Pascal's calculatorArithmometerAdding machineComptometer

Question 4: Computer algebra programs such as ________, and others can handle advanced calculations.
MathematicaGAUSS (software)R (programming language)Sage (mathematics software)

Question 5: Display types used were CRT, cold-cathode ________, and filament lamps.
Organic LEDLight-emitting diodeNixie tubeLiquid crystal display

Question 6: The $395 HP-35, along with all later HP engineering calculators, used ________ (RPN), also called postfix notation.
Forth (programming language)HP-10C seriesStack (data structure)Reverse Polish notation

Question 7: Made in Japan, this was also the first calculator to use an ________ display, the first hand-held calculator to use a single integrated circuit (then proclaimed as a "calculator on a chip"), the Mostek MK6010, and the first electronic calculator to run off replaceable batteries.
Fluorescent lampLED lampLight-emitting diodeGas-discharge lamp

Question 8: in 1820 Thomas de Colmar invented the ________ which was the first commercially successful mechanical calculator.
ComptometerArithmometerBusicomOdhner Arithmometer

Question 9: Busicom introduced the Busicom LE-120A "HANDY" calculator, the first pocket-sized calculator and the first with an LED display, and announced the Busicom LC with ________ display.
TFT LCDLiquid crystal displayLCD televisionOrganic LED

Question 10: In most countries, ________ use calculators for schoolwork[citation needed].
CollegeHigh schoolUniversityStudent

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