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Calcium: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Ernst Hausman play in the movie Calcium?
Diskussionsleiter, life

Question 2:
Who played Firsten the movie Calcium?
Rudolf F. Kormout
Hagnot Elischka
Bernd Burchhardt
Hagnot Elischka

Question 3: Calcium is essential for living ________, particularly in cell physiology, where movement of the calcium ion Ca2+ into and out of the cytoplasm functions as a signal for many cellular processes.

Question 4: The most abundant isotope, 40Ca, has a nucleus of 20 protons and 20 ________.
ElectronNeutronAtomic nucleusAtom

Question 5: It also has chemical and optical uses as mineral specimens in ________, for example.
ToothpasteTooth (human)GingerMouthwash

Question 6: Others, such as ________, avoid dairy products for ethical and health reasons.
VegetarianismPhysicians Committee for Responsible MedicineVegan SocietyVeganism

Question 7: When lime is mixed with sand, it hardens into a mortar and is turned into plaster by ________ uptake.
Greenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxideCarbon cycle

Question 8: This Ca2+ eventually is transported to the ocean where it reacts with dissolved CO2 to form ________.
Sedimentary rockCarbonate rockKarst topographyLimestone

Question 9:
Who played Diskussionsleiter, life the movie Calcium?
Rudolf F. Kormout
Bernd Burchhardt
Ernst Hausman
Herbert Mako

Question 10: For example, the oral ________ for rats for calcium carbonate and calcium chloride are 6450 [51] and 1400 mg/kg,[52] respectively.
PsychopharmacologyBiological half-lifePharmacologyMedian lethal dose

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