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Question 1: Calcareous grassland is a form of ________ characteristic of soils containing a lot of calcium carbonate from underlying chalk or limestone rock.

Question 2: Calcareous coatings, or calcareous deposits, are mixtures of ________ and magnesium hydroxide that are deposited on cathodically protected surfaces because of the increased pH adjacent to the surface.
Calcium carbonateCalcium silicateCalcium hydroxideCalcium oxide

Question 3: The term is used in medicine in pathology, for example in "calcareous ________" and "calcareous metastasis".

Question 4: Calcareous is used as an adjectival term applied to anatomical structures which are made primarily of calcium carbonate, in animals such as ________, i.e.

Question 5: Calcareous sponges are sponges (________), that have spicules which are made of calcium carbonate.

Question 6: The term calcareous can be applied to a sediment, sedimentary rock, or soil type which is formed from, or contains a high proportion of, calcium carbonate in the form of ________ or aragonite.

Question 7: Note that this is not the only reason for a high ________.
AluminiumFertilizerSoil pHSulfur

Question 8: snails, specifically about such structures as the operculum, the clausilium, and the ________.
PulmonataStylommatophoraLove dartHelix (gastropod)

Question 9: Calcareous is an adjective meaning mostly or partly composed of ________, in other words, containing lime or being chalky.
Calcium silicateCalcium carbonateCalcium oxideCalcium hydroxide


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